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The Scribble Lobby offers a diverse range of digital products and Interior design floor plans catering to both residential and commercial projects. The interior design floor plans adhere to Vastu principles and include functional layouts with standard furniture sizes, available in convenient PDF and AutoCAD formats.

Additionally, a collection of printable Digital art forms provides creative entertainment options for various installations such as Wall Art, T-shirt Print, and Design templates, while the Mandala outlines cater to beginners and professionals seeking artistic expression and relaxation.

Featured Products

Floor Plans

About Us

The Scribble Lobby aims to provide the first ladder for your Dream Home/Office Requirements. The goal of offering Interior Planning for Residential as well as Commercial Projects is to provide a step for people who want to build their dream house and don't know where to start. And for designers who want to provide effortless and functional planning for their clients. With Plans offered by us, the buyer can have an Idea of how they can begin, understand the implementation of their requirements, and source files to customize according to their own needs.

The Mandalas are for meditation and Practice for people. It also targets Artists who want to practice and refine their skills.


With the collection of Digital Art, one can find paintings, according to their taste and can add to their collectibles or for their home/office decor.


Can't find what you are looking for? Don't Worry! We offer a vast variety of customisation. Be it your Interior Plan, looking for a specific painting that aligns with your thoughts, or looking for a specific game, we are here to customize and create all of it for you. Let us know all your concerns and we are here to help. 

Interior Consultancy

Have specific size for property in your mind? We can provide Planning according to your custom size.

Digital Painting

Want something specific or unique for your wall? We've got you covered.


Want a design/outline with specific requirements? We can make that for you.

Interior Modern Brick House
With maximized the use of space while maintaining a comfortable and functional layout the 30'X50' House plan worked really well for me.

Aditya Gupta, CA

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