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Maximizing Positivity: How Paintings Aligned with Vaastu Bring Benefits to Your Home - Vaastu Tips

Paintings are often considered as one of the most commonly used Home Styling pieces. But do you know that according to Vastu, paintings can offer several benefits when placed strategically in a home or workspace? Paintings that depict positive and auspicious themes can bring harmony and positive energy into your home. Some of them are majorly effective in terms of growth. Here are some types of paintings that are considered beneficial. 

Nature Scenes

Paintings depicting serene natural landscapes such as mountains, forests, waterfalls, lush greenery, and sunrise or sunset scenes are considered highly auspicious. These paintings evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and harmony with nature. Such as a Waterfall Painting in North-East brings Money and Growth. Painting of Mountains in the West brings stability and Support to the members.

Divine Symbols and Deities

Paintings or artworks featuring divine symbols like Om, Swastika, or religious deities such as Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Krishna, or Lord Shiva are believed to bring blessings and spiritual upliftment to the home. The painting of Lord Budhha placed on the East or North East Wall is highly effective in maintaining peace at home.

Floral Artworks

Paintings portraying beautiful flowers, gardens, or floral arrangements symbolize growth, prosperity, and vitality. They are believed to enhance the positive energy flow within the house. The painting of a Lotus flower in North East is believed to maintain the Purity and Prosperity of Space. 

Abstract Art

Abstract paintings with harmonious color combinations and uplifting compositions can also be beneficial according to Vastu. They are believed to stimulate creativity, inspiration, and positive vibes. Harmonious Family Scenes

Paintings depicting happy family moments, togetherness, or scenes of love and affection among family members are considered auspicious. They promote unity, bonding, and emotional well-being in the household.

Feng Shui Paintings

Some Vastu practitioners also recommend paintings based on Feng Shui principles, such as paintings of fish (symbolizing wealth and abundance), birds (representing freedom and opportunities), or bamboo (signifying growth and resilience). The painting of 7 Running Horses in South amplifies Success and Career Growth. Similarly, the painting of a dancing Peacock in the South magnifies Money Flow. 

Simple Vaastu Tips for Placement of Paintings:

Choose paintings that depict positive scenes, such as nature, landscapes, flowers, or serene images. Avoid paintings depicting violence, negativity, or loneliness. Those Paintings that depict scenes of war, violence, or sadness should not be hung in the bedroom. Avoid placing paintings that depict water scenes (such as rivers, waterfalls, or oceans) in the bedroom as they can disrupt sleep according to Vastu principles. Although they provide direct benefits if placed in the Living Room, Drawing Room, Lobby, etc. 

External Tips :

Ensure that the size of the painting is proportionate to the wall space. Avoid oversized paintings that overwhelm the room or tiny paintings that get lost on a large wall. Choose Rectangular or square-shaped paintings as they provide elegance and subtlety as compared to irregular shapes.

Overall, paintings, when chosen thoughtfully and placed according to Vastu principles, keeping a few Vaastu Tips in mind, can contribute to a harmonious, uplifting, and spiritually enriching environment, fostering well-being and prosperity for occupants. Enhance Your Home with Vastu-Compliant Digital Paintings with Direction Guidance. Easy and Affordable, a collection available in PNG and PDF format. Just a few clicks and transform your walls with hassle-free digital paintings. Say goodbye to shipping stress and hello to the best selection. Browse Collection for Other Paintings



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