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According to Vaastu, having these paintings in the given direction can change your life. Get this set of Paintings for your Home Decor and Vibe Improvements. 

Directions and benefits: 

  • Lord Buddha - East/North East - maintains Peace at Home 
  • Lotus - North East - maintains Purity and Prosperity 
  • Peacock - South - For Money Flow 
  • Waterfall - North East - For Money and Growth 
  • Mountains - South West - For stability and Support 
  • 7 Running Horses - South - For Success and Career Growth 

Encounter a range of emotions as you gaze upon each painting. From tranquility to turmoil, joy to melancholy, the artist's intentions resonate through every stroke, inviting introspection and reflection.

Vaastu accordance Paintings - Wall Decor/Phone Wallpaper - a collection of six.

Excluding Sales Tax
  • PNG and PDF format for High-Quality Matte or Gloss Prints on any medium. 

  • This is a digital product available for download. You will not receive a physical product. 

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